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10:34 29-01-2016
dear Melanie,
thank you so much for your lovely words, they make me always smile and a wonderful feeling. Thank you so much you are a great person and im happy to make a custom baby for you
hugs xxx Alexa
19:05 28-01-2016
Hi, Alexa, I just wanted to say how much I love my beautiful Mia you made for me. She is the most stunning baby ever. I will not be buying a baby off anybody else in the future now I have had a baby from you
I will be bidding on many more and look forward to my custom baby when you have time later in the year xxxxxxx
22:54 21-11-2014
Thank you dear Heather, im so glad and proud you like your elf Ira so much she is a very beautiful dollkit and i loved to reborn her.
Big hugs
22:11 21-11-2014
Heather Crowe
I just wanted to say how much I love and adore my Elf Ira that you made. She is simply gorgeous and so detailed and lifelike that she often gets mistaken for being a real baby. I will treasure her always~*
17:41 30-07-2013
sadie Boucher
Hi Alexa, i was just wondering when you was doing any new babies? I would love to here from you and see you work xx sadie xx
22:29 04-05-2013
oooh Sadie, thank you so so much for your lovely words. thank you!!!!
you make me very happy and im so glad you love your Amelie
big hugs
16:50 26-03-2013
I Do Adore with love and pride Alexa's Reborn babies. There is a life like skin tone in these beautiful creations that gives the babiies warmth, beauty and real life like qualities. my daughter lilly wanted to take our reborn "Amelie" out with us shopping, and so many people thought i had another baby And Amelie even fooled a nurse at our hospital when i took my son for an X-Ray. I have Choosen Alexa to kindly reborn me twins for my birthday in August, and i am so excited already as i know they will be amazing. Alexa's attention to even the littlest details shows in her reborning. I am truely honoured to know Alexa. Most Amazing Lady, thank you Alexa with love and many hugs xxx sadie xxx
09:20 15-02-2013
Wuuuuuunderschöne HP hast Du da Süsse!!! Und Deine Babys sind einfach zauberhaft!!!! Weiter so!!!!!

Ganz liebe Grüsse